The program WhenFceabWorship, is an acronym, for When Federal College Of Education, Abeokuta Worship. On the 4th of April 2018 was a vision revealed how that a very dark cloud filled the entire surface of the land and as a result of this was powered several evil deeds such as raping, kidnapping, and also death occurrence were happening. This revelation brought the believers together with some fathers to travail for God’s intervention.

While praying, we received a mandate for the school generally based on the book of 2chronicles 7:14 which says “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their Sin and will heal their land”. This really ignited the mission for we know that truly He His ready to bring light to the hidden things of darkness just like brother Paul said in 1 Corinthians 4:5. WHENFCEABITESWORSHIP Then became a worship experience whereby all the students gathered together in one accord to praise and worship the Lord God almighty with our voices, harps, and instruments and more until we were
endued with Power, Glory and Light. So with God’s enablement, the first edition was powered under this drive which was powerfully led and anchored by the Holy Spirit.

The first edition with the Theme: OBA ARA was really an invasion none of us could ever recover from for it was really crowned with God’s glory all through with an average attendance of 3,327 people in attendance. The venue used was the college’s chapel popularly called Chapel Of Peace, with two overflows which we had to make available with urgency as a result of overcrowding inside and outside. So we had volunteers and some fellowship workers move out at about 1:00am to the fellowships to convey their chairs so that many can sit down. And all glory to God it was indeed a success with the presence of anointed ministers who launched us into the depth of worship and Praise for the Lord. Names of the ministers are: Psalmist Lekan, Mrs Aboaba, Pastor Adeluola Ayobami, Mummy S.A James[the disciplinary chairman of the college], Baba.K[from Benue Republic],The Elementals, Amazing mercy Crew, Royal Voices, Pastor Omishakin Joshua, and Pastor Bolaji Babalola….

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This year’s converge, is with the Theme: NEW DAWN. It is powered from the book of Isaiah 43:19 “Behold I will do a New Thing…..”which is situated to come up on Friday 2nd of August 2019 with a team of 12 and about 200 volunteers who will function in different department such as the Choir, Ushers, Protocol, Media, welfare and much more. Of course the aim of everyone is that the glory of the latter should surpass the former. But after much intercessions and plans, we’ve come to a conclusion of surrendering it all to God and yield to all His instruction in making all things work together for Good. For this year’s edition, we will be ensuring to mend out some of the mistakes we made in the last edition to ensure much more perfection, less hindrances and no disturbances.
The plans and structure given to this year’s edition, Has the ability of conveying about 5,000 – 7,000 people. One out of our many Goal for this year’s edition, is to make God take all men as much as he can to himself [John 12:32].

The Facebook ID: WhenFceWorship Fceab
Instagram: @WhenFceWorship…

Name of Coordinator: Adeshina Akorede
A lover of God and An Advocate of Impactful Living committed to Lifting Ends and Activating people..